R&R activities provide a safe place for participants to practice life skills in a safe, accepting environment. R&R is currently operating an Adult Social Program for participants aged 18 and older and a Youth Social Program for participants aged 9-17. Social Program members build friendships, have fun and practice leadership skills. Members are encouraged to take ownership of their Social Program by discussing and voting on what they would like to do together as a group. This fosters a feeling of belonging and investment in group goals.

Social Program activities promote healthy relationships, build confidence and provide social-skill building opportunities. Recent activities include:

  • An afternoon at Strikes & Spares
  • Hayride and campfire at Bendix Woods
  • Friendsgiving Feast
  • Collecting items for care kits to distribute to people living on the street

R&R’s trained Behavior Therapists oversee all Social Programs while interacting with participants. This helps each client gain valuable social skills, reach personal goals, build positive peer relationships, and move toward greater independence. Set boundaries facilitate spontaneity and set the stage for “heart-to-heart” group time within a safe, confidential environment. Sufficient time is allowed to process any feelings or disclosures that may result.

We invite you to join us at our next Social Program meeting!  For more information about Social Program activities and mentoring opportunities, please contact or (574) 288-0494.

Social Program Supports
Person-Centered Goals

All of R&R services are based upon a person-centered philosophy to support the good life objectives of each individual. While individual goals may differ, every person has a fundamental need to be heard, respected and to participate in community.  Social Program helps meet these essential needs.

This video elaborates upon the person-centered approach to serving persons with disabilities and challenges.

Our Fundraising Goal

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