When you partner with Rhyme & Reason, you and your loved one can always expect to receive respect, individualized attention, and a compassionate approach to care. You can expect to receive a service plan that takes into account the whole-person needs of your loved one, including existing medical conditions and past trauma. Your R&R representative will work one-on-one with your loved one to identify good life goals and strategies to reach them.

Training is provided to caregivers, family members, roommates and employers on how to support the strategies and goals of the R&R participant. While goals and outcomes differ for each individual, you can expect to see improvements in targeted behaviors, such as:

  •  More effective communication
  •  Fewer angry outbursts
  •  Increased sense of self-efficacy
  •  Increased personal responsibility
  •  More enjoyment of life and relationships

Self-efficacy refers to an individual’s belief in his or her capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performance attainments (Bandura, 1977, 1986, 1997).

Self-efficacy reflects confidence in the ability to exert control over one’s own motivation, behavior, and social environment.


Rhyme & Reason follows the person centered approach to supporting persons with disabilities. We seek to identify a participant’s values and the experiences that make a good life for him or her.  Therapists and Mentors encourage opportunities for our participants to engage in the community and exercise growing social skills.  R&R Social Program activities provide a fun way for participants to bring their gifts to the community.  Confidence grows and relationships flourish in this safe and supportive environment. Learn more about our Social Program here.