Who do we serve?

People with developmental disabilities, cognitive delays, and social skill deficits, as well as foster and adopted youth. R&R is a Medicaid Waiver Service Provider.

Developmental Disability

We serve developmentally disabled individuals of any age.

Foster Youth

Ages 5 to 26 years, including those reunified with original family.

Adopted Youth

All adopted individuals, ages 5 to 26 years.


We understand that seeking help for your loved one can feel overwhelming. You may be confused as to the options available and the benefits of different types of therapy, medications and training.

The caring professionals at Rhyme & Reason Ministry, Inc. bring a variety of tools in their behavioral therapy toolbox*. Working alongside case managers, physicians, psychiatrists and other helpers, your R&R therapist will provide tools that will help your loved one build a more satisfying life.

Therapy Benefits Everyone

Therapy impacts everyone, not just individuals with emotional, cognitive or physical challenges.

Family & Friends

Training is provided to caregivers, family members and friends on how to support the strategies and goals of the R&R participant.

Employers & Co-workers

While goals and outcomes differ for each individual, you can expect to see improvements in identified targeted behaviors.

community members

Our therapists will meet with your loved one at home and in public settings to practice adaptive skills for successful living.


R&R Social Program meets monthly for a time of fun, fellowship and confidence-building experiences with peers. R&R is currently operating an Adult Social Program for participants aged 18 and older and a Youth Social Program for participants aged 9-17. The Social Program focuses on building meaningful and lasting friendships in a safe and supportive environment.

Events and activities have included game nights, bowling, mini-golf and holiday parties. Social Program members are invited to help plan activities as leadership skills grow.