Individuals with developmental disabilities, social skills deficits, and mental health diagnoses can all benefit from R&R’s services.  When your loved one receives the skillful help of our clinicians and mentors, everyone around them benefits.  Family relationships, friendships, and workplace interactions improve when our clients gain the tools they need to communicate their wants and needs, cope with stress and master basic life skills.

R&R participants benefit from the expertise of our trained therapists and mentors. Each service plan is unique to each client and includes effective intervention strategies and recommendations for simple environmental changes that improve quality of life, independence and meaningful participation in the community.

Who does R&R Serve?

  •  People with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  •  People with emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges
  •  Foster youth ages 5 to 18 years, including those reunified with their original family
  •  Emancipated foster youth ages 18 to 26 years
  •  Adopted youth ages 5 to 26 years
  • Anyone who seeks to address debilitating conditions through whole-person practices

R&R is a Medicaid Waiver Service Provider


Family & Friends Benefit

When a family member faces challenges to living his or her good life, everyone in the household is affected.  Individuals with emotional, cognitive or physical hurdles often feel frustrated in getting their needs met.  Angry outbursts, socially inappropriate behaviors, or withdrawal are common responses that may others feeling helpless to help.

R&R therapists examine the unique needs of their clients within the context of the home environment. They take the time to get to know family members and roommates and observe interactions before developing behavioral strategies.  Often, simple adjustments to the home environment and to communication habits can create positive changes.  Therapists are available to train all family members on the best ways to support the good life goals of their loved one.  When challenged individuals learn better ways to get their needs met, a more peaceful home environment results.

Employers & Co-Workers Benefit

Our therapists will meet with your loved one at home as well as public settings, when appropriate, to practice adaptive strategies for successful living.  This may include on site work-place coaching, a shopping trip to the mall, or a meal at a restaurant.

As R&R clients learn better ways to communicate, manage time, handle stress and interact with others, co-workers and employers will see improvements in the workplace.  Our therapists provide training to supervisors on better ways to respond to R&R clients, and how to elicit the best work from him or her.  When behavioral support strategies are supported in the workplace, both employees and employers will benefit from the improved workplace climate.

Community Members Benefit

Many R&R participants are students, employees, club members or community volunteers, as well as mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.  At R&R, we recognize that everyone brings unique strengths and challenges to our various life roles.  That’s why we take the time to observe our clients in a variety of real-life settings.  Therapists will often accompany R&R participants into the community to practice social skills and stress reduction techniques as well as practical skills like budgeting and time management.

As R&R participants grow more confident in their skills, they are better able to participate in all aspects of community life and share their own valuable contributions.

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